Elegance is a mindset, and for Adnan, it’s fashion.

Having set his eyes on a career as a graphic designer, Adnan’s passion for fashion had other plans for him. And soon enough, he was well on his way to couple his creativity with his sense of style. He drew inspiration from all that is around him, nature, beauty, and elegance, and pushed his way through to create designs that will give each woman an outfit to stand out.

Cue Aden Fashion, a demi-couture brand devoted to stitching passion and elegance into every state-of-the-art dress they introduce. Birthed in 2006 and relying on the most impressive threads of European fabric, Aden Fashion’s attire sets trends into motion, inviting you to steer the wheel yourself. Aden Fashion puts everything on the thread, believing that elegance is an attitude, which it only can complement.